PLEASE NOTE: This site is not currently operational. Comics are not sent on a daily basis at this point.

What is it?

Comic-To-Kindle allows you to deliver web comics directly to your Kindle via email using RSS feeds and Amazon's Personal Document delivery service.

How it Works:

The RSS feed of the comic you submit will be checked for new content every day. If a new comic has been submitted, it will be turned into a PDF and emailed to your Kindle.

Please note: this service currently only works on certain webcomics. The best way to tell if a web comic will work is to check its RSS feed. If the comic image appears directly in the feed, it's likely that it will work.

Some comics that currently work include:

No idea what your 'Send-to-Kindle' or 'Kindle Approved' Email addresses are?

Your Send-to-Kindle email address is created when you setup your Kindle. To find it, visit and visit Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Personal Document Settings or look under Settings on your Kindle. This address allows you to send documents to your Kindle as email attachments. There is a version and a version. You can use either, but be sure to have your Kindle's WiFi turned on to avoid Whispernet delivery, which may incur a fee.

Your Kindle Approved Email Address is any email address that you have registered to deliver content to your Kindle. You can add, remove, and locate your approved email addresses by visiting Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Personal Document Settings at

I am currently working on an update that will create an HTML file with the comic instead of a PDF, which should help with formatting when reading on the Kindle.